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About Vishwa Audichya Brahm


                       First 1000 Brahmins were invited from kashi by Maharaja Siddhraj to perpntate and propagate vedic Sanskriti in the Gujarat. The Sahastra Brahmins Families who came from Audichya (uttara present North india) were offered land etc. at Siddhpur they maintained and propseed vedic Sanskriti from Siddhpur and created their very glorious past. After pasage of time, their famalies migrated to various parts of Gujarat, and in present era, to all over the world, for occupation, services etc...

We some Audichya Sahastra Brahmin friends, including some NRIs had dream of uniting all Audichya Sahastra Brahmins at one platform.

We here cordially invite you to enter your Family Bio-Data so that we Audichya sahastra Brahmins can remin in contact with each other and help each other and thereby to our society as a whole.

                                 - Mukeshkumar Gaurishankar Jani (U.S.A) and Friends from USA and India

                              જ્ઞાતિ સમાચાર

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